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Bob's Boerewors
Our Boerewors is spiced with the perfect blend of coriander, nutmeg, roast coriander, black pepper and a mild clove taste for a full flavoured Boerewors.  We use only good quality British meat and natural casings to ensure high quality Boerewors.
Bob's Biltong
We season our biltong with a traditional biltong seasoning. This enhances the natural meat flavour and also seasons the biltong with mild coriander and black pepper. This gives our biltong a dark dried appearance with a medium coating of coarse coriander. We use only top quality British beef to ensure good tasting biltong.
Bob's Chilli Sticks
These popular dried meat strips have a very strong chilli taste and a spicy masala/curry flavour. They have an attractive colour with visible green parsley pieces. Enjoyed as a snack while drinking beer and watching rugby (and football as well!).
Bob's Luxury Droewors

What makes our drywors so special? We use prime cuts of beef, pork and lamb with all-natural  herbs and spices which gives our drywors its unique flavour. Our plain drywors has a mild and well balanced flavour which is low in cloves with no pepper or chilli burn. It has a red brown appearance with occasional visual pieces of coarse coriander. Simply put, you won't get better tasting quality drywors.


For something a liitle different try our garlic drywors or if you like it with a little heat, try our peri peri drywors.



Sausage is an old favourite in many countries, from the UK's pork sausage to Germany's bratwurst! However, Boerewors is as South African as koeksisters and biltong. It was inherited from the early settlers in the then Cape Colony who combined minced meat and pork fat with spices, like cloves and coriander and preservatives, like vinegar. Over the decades, this evolved to become Boerewors, very popular among South Africans and also world famous. Traditionally braaied (barbecued) over coals, Boerewors is also popular amongst tourists, and many visitors to South Africa agree, it is delicious and unique.
What is the difference between the types of wors?
The difference between Boerewors, wors and braaiwors is:

Boerewors - a minimum of 90% meat, of which not more than 30% is fat.

Wors - slightly extended with cereals and wheat extract.

Braaiwors - extended up to 40% with soya.


The different uses for Boerewors

• Boerewors is versatile - you can either braai it, grill it in the oven, or fry it in the pan. Serve it with vegetables and rice or on a roll.

• When braaiing Boerewors on the grill, ensure that the coals are not too hot as the casing will be pierced and the product will be spoiled.

• Avoid piercing the casing of the Boerewors before or during cooking because this can cause the product to lose its moisture and become dry.

• Boerewors is best eaten straight from the braai grill so that the maximum amount of moisture and juice is retained.

• Boerewors is easy to portion and can therefore be stretched further than other meat cuts.


The Birth of Biltong

Biltong is dried cured meat made primarily from beef. The word comes from the Dutch word 'bil' meaning buttock and 'tong' meaning tongue/strip. It arose from the early settlers, whose only way to preserve meat for their long treks across the African plains was to cure and dry it. These days it is enjoyed more as a delicacy or snack among South Africans.
Storage of Biltong

Beef biltong is at its best when the inside is soft, moist and red in colour, with a hard brown outer layer. To keep it from drying out further, wrap the biltong in cling wrap, squeeze out all the air, and deep freeze it indefinitely (a good household vacuum packer will also do the trick). Thaw biltong overnight in the refrigerator and then at room temperature for about one hour (biltong has very little taste if it is too cold).



With zero preservatives, low in fat, low in carbs and rich in protein, Biltong is a delicious and healthy alternative to most other savoury snacks.

Food Allergy Notice

Some of our Products may contain Traces of nuts,dairy, Herbs and Spices if you have any food allergy please dont hesitate to email us at or phone on 01706 621833 during the shop opening hours.







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